Monday, August 3, 2009

steps to find great partners

penguin know their life partner after ten seconds looking each other,

they dont have intelligence like human so what make penguin 100% know how to choose their life partner, what make penguin so loyal and why penguin never fight with their life partner.
male penguin also very protective to female penguin and always make female penguin rest and relax...only once may be male and female will haunt fish together...
and each will wait for their partner to return before they get the rest..

is penguin more more good in relationship ?,or ...? u think about it urself...and then compare it with this statement, wasnt human have intelligence and what so called brain.. on urself first.(this is main thing coz if u dont ready better dont get urself in trouble) with a relationship.(ermmm, hard one...coz a lot must be done to keep a wonderfull and passionate relationship)

3.make new friends.(this point i insert coz for me better to make new friend a lot coz when u find and talk to a new friend it will raise up ur percentange to 50% and then the rest its up to you and the power of gods...hehehehehe...;-))

4.have a purpose and passion in ur life.(coz each people need this method to make way of their future)

5.njoy ur life.(dont stuck in ur relationship and miss all the joyfull/hapiness that life offered)

6.have money in the bank.(depends on ur plan)

7.use visualization(try new things to bloom ur relationship)

8.plan for ur partner.(better if men do it,show them are realible)

9.b prepared to travel.(this point im not sure, but i always see couple travel together thats y i inserted in i ryt...?)

10.b slow to develop the relationship.(this is a fact that i assume all men and womens know)


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